Web Design & Development

Planning about a site:

  • Having a well designed and user-friendly website should be a vital component of your marketing.
  • Seeing all of the client's business individually
  • We form an effective plan for adding the website
  • We ensure that we have design layouts for each major section before proceeding
  • content is collected for each of the areas of the new website

Photography for Web

When you visit a website, what are the first things you notice?

  • When creating photographs for a website having consistency is essential.
  • We have the technical skills
  • If the quality just isn’t there it’s going to reflect on the website as a whole.
  • And stuffing your site with pictures will also tend to drive people from the site as excess of anything is not good.

Social Media Advice

Despite all the hype, Social Media is really just another very shiny, new marketing tactic

  • . Its value needs to be assessed in relative terms as opposed to absolute terms, i.e.
  • Once you have established that you are a business that can benefit from Social Media
  • Best sites for social media are Facebook and Twitter, at the very top. Blogging and forum posting on most usable sites also boosts traffic to your site

Website Hosting

For the majority of our clients, we host their websites on our dedicated servers.

  • The benefit of this is that we have our servers configured for our websites perfectly
  • We know the setup; we know the configuration, capabilities
  • When we put a new website onto our servers, we know it's going to work. Installation and launch is a smooth process.
  • This solution is most popular with the majority of our clients, as it offers them a cost effective, feature rich, and most importantly worry-free solution to their hosting needs.